Dr. Yaniv Mayer, a distinguished periodontist, serves as the director of the Periodontology Graduate Program and leads the Clinical Research and Innovation at the Department of Periodontology, Rambam Health Care Campus. He previously held the presidency of the Israeli Society of Periodontology. He completed his dentistry studies at The Hebrew University, earning his degree with distinction (cum laude). His specialization in Periodontics was completed at the Rambam School of Graduate Dentistry. Dr. Mayer is recognized by the European Federation of Periodontology with accreditation and has earned a diploma from the American National Board. His role extends to being a clinical senior lecturer at the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine. Holding the position of an ITI Fellow, he also serves as the director for the Israeli ITI Study Club. Dr. Mayer’s professional pursuits include both clinical and basic research, with a notable presence as a speaker at national and international conferences. His research interests span new technologies, bone augmentations, soft tissue management and the connections between periodontal and systemic health. His contributions to dental science are acknowledged through his work as a reviewer for dental journals and recognition by Forbes and Dun & Bradstreet as a leading periodontist in Israel. Additionally, he holds the position of Co-CEO at Periocenter Ltd., a dental center specializing in Periodontal Surgery and Implantology, highlighting his commitment to advancing periodontal care and education.

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