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Choose the best digital alternative to take you with confidence to your destination

Advanced Guided Positioning Systems

Noris developed the most advanced guided positioning systems available today in the field of dental implants, in order to streamline and optimize the complete implant procedure: from first assessment, consulting to practices and laboratories, and building the and guiding prosthetic tools, to conducting the procedure successfully.


Our digital department developed a unique and patented EZgoma®, Zygomatic Guided System, designed for bone support, as well as our EZguide™, advanced guided surgery for traditional implantology, designed for tooth and/or tissue support.


Our Guided Positioning Systems (GPS) will provide you 3 alternatives to take you with confidence to your destination.

Noris GPS types



Teeth or tissue supported guide for traditional implants



Bone supported guide for zygomatic and pterygoid implants

We assist the dentist and surgeons to plan a precise implantation procedure easily, using the most advanced technology.

The process

We strive to digitize the entire implant process with a focus on creating seamless communication between the practitioner, the laboratory, and ourselves:

Placing order in our link below and sending the intra oral scanning and/or CT scan.
Planning & Designing
At Noris digital department, our professional team merges the intra oral scan with the CT scan to create a detailed and complete 3D imaging of patient mouth- bone, teeth, gum and virtual tooth position. Our professional plan the ultimate implant procedure and share it with the doctor to fine-tuned it.
Our guided surgery is printed with colored sleeves which corresponded with the color code drills with stoppers, controlling the drill depth. We will send you the guide, the surgical kit, implants, abutments and heeling cap.
The doctor perform the implantation using Noris GPS and guided kit and get safely to its destination.

our service

 Many options to fit your needs:

Noris GUIDED sets

Noris Guided Instruments Kits are used for fully guided implant bed preparation in combination with a surgical template that follows the Noris surgical protocol provided by the planning software.

Noris guided kits Handles with ergonomic design, color-coding and symbol-marked.

The guided transfer piece fits the surgical sleeve and ensures fully guided implant insertion providing physical depth control with the stop key.

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