One-piece implant with maximum accuracy

clinical case
Performed by Dr. Shlomo Birshan
Bendable MONO implants are specifically used in basal bone on upper and lower jaws and are designed for immediate prosthetic loading for bridges and crowns at the anterior maxilla and mandible.
The implants are one-piece implants having an RBM treated bone condensing thread machined straight narrow collar and abutment.

A one-hour procedure was performed by Dr. Shlomo Birshan with the exceptional “Mono Bendable” by Noris Medical.

Immediate extraction, Implantation, and loading of the mandibular incisors. All digital!

The patient presented with mobile and periodontally involved mandibular incisors.
The plan was to remove the diseased teeth and immediately replace them with an implant-supported provisional bridge.
After the teeth were extracted, Noris Mono bendable implants were chosen. The thread design enables initial primary stability and the supracrestal segment has no gaps for micromotion or the need for prosthetic parts manipulation.
The smooth abutment neck is 1.8mm thick and allows one deflection of the neck, using a designated wrench, in order to align the abutment portion in a more prosthetically favorable position.
Once the position of the abutment was optimized, the abutments were scanned using a digital intraoral scanner in order to fabricate a provisional bridge.
The Noris Mono machined neck provides excellent support for the sulcular soft tissue.
The patient is expected to return for the final restoration. No major soft tissue changes are expected thus the original scan can be used for final restoration fabrication.


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