Maxilla Reconstruction using Zygomatic Implants

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Surgery performed by Dr. L. Yehuda Gil, Specialist Maxillofacial Surgeon
A 48-year-old male presented with recurring and persistent swelling in the upper left region, previously treated with antibiotics. Examination revealed a 10-year-old failed upper left rehabilitation, extensive periapical processes, and widespread bone loss.
The patient opted, for personal reasons, not to undergo a series of surgeries, choosing instead a prolonged period for upper left rehabilitation.

Hence, two zygomatic implants in the posterior segments and regular implants in the upper anterior segment were placed. Immediate loaded rehabilitation was advised post-implantation.
In the first stage, extractions, removal of infected tissues, and temporary complete denture placement were performed.
In the second stage, after healing, two alternative treatment options were presented to the patient:

  • Bilateral sinus lifts and 8 implants.
  • Rehabilitation combined with zygomatic implants.

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