• Dr Roberto Giuseppe D’Ambrogio
    Dr Roberto Giuseppe D’Ambrogio
    DDS, SpecOralSurg, DipImpDent, MScImpDent, MScAesthMed

    Graduated in Dentistry in 2011 at the University of Brescia, from 2014 to 2016 attended the two-years post-graduate course in Implant Dentistry held by the Royal College of English Surgeons (London), visiting the departments of Oral Surgery of the Universities of Frankfurt and Tübingen (Germany) and achieving so the relative Diploma in Implant Surgery.
    In 2018 completed the Master of Science in Implant Dentistry held by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), with a research-work on the treatment of Peri-implantitis.
    From 2018 to 2019 attended and completed the European Master course of Aesthetic Medicine of the face held by the International Academy of Practical Aesthetic Medicine (Milan).
    In 2022 he achieved the Specialty of Oral Surgery at the University of Brescia.
    Member of various scientific societies ( EAO – European academy of Osteointegration, IAO – Italian academy of Osteointegration, EfP – European federation of Periodontology, SIdP – Italian Society of Periodontology, SIdCO – Italian Society of Oral Surgery, RCS – Royal College of English Surgeons, AIG – Italian Academy of Gnatology) he dedicates his work-practice exclusively to Oral Surgery, Jaws Reconstructive Surgery, Traditional, Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implantology, Complex Prosthetic Rehabilitations and Periodontology; cooperates with the ENT department of the Spedali Civili (Brescia main Hospital) for the implant re-habilitation of the oncologic patients.

  • Dr. Francesco Grecchi
    Dr. Francesco Grecchi

    Graduated in Medicine and Surgery with specialization in General Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is a reputed specialist in the fields of orthognathic surgery, malformative and dysmorphic surgery, and pre-prosthetic reconstructive surgery. He has been placing zygomatic implants for 10 years. He leads the maxillofacial unit at Ospedale Galeazzi. Dr. Grecchi is consultant of Maxillofacial Surgery unit of Italian Stomatological Institute and he’s also the maxillofacial coordinator of the Italian Association of Ectodermal Dysplasia. In conclusion, he’s Founder of GISOS ( Italian Group for Osteointegration and Synthesis Studies) and author of over 100 papers published in the most important scientific journals.




Mar 10 - 11 2023



Sold Out!

  • Approfondimento anatomico propedeutico alla chirurgia delle gravi atrofie mascellari
  • Corretta lettura radiologica e selezione del paziente
  • Panoramica sulle opzioni riabilitative avanzate per il mascellare atrofico – impianti zigomatici,
  • pterigoidei e nasali
  • Presentazione tecnica chirurgica iuxtasinusale Noris Medical
  • Concetti protesici chiave per le riabilitazioni complesse a carico immediato

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  • What do you get after completing the course​: Official Noris Medical Certificate / Professional materials

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