• Prof. Francesco Zingari
    Prof. Francesco Zingari

    Prof. Zingari graduated in dentistry and prosthetics at Università degli studi di Milano. Since 2005 he is a freelancer of the maxillofacial unit at Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi in Milan and adjunct professor of prosthetics on zygomatic implants at Università statale in Milan as we as adjunct professor of implantology at Università degli studi di Parma. Prof. Zingari is an adjunct speaker at the II degree post-graduation master in digital & guided surgery and training courses in advanced implantology and anatomical dissection. He is an active member of the Digital Implant & Restorative Academy (Di&RA) & an author of national and international publications.


Live Webinar


Aug 29 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Live Webinar Series | Webinar #5
Complex Rehabilitations Using Complete Guided Solutions for Total Care

Full Arch Masterclass: Advanced Techniques & Innovations in the Dental Implant Industry

Webinar 5

Please join Prof. Francesco Zingari for a one-hour webinar to discuss the Complex Rehabilitations Using Guided Complete Guided Solutions for Total Care. The complex rehabilitations of both the maxillary and the mandible often oblige us to the positioning of inclined implants and the use of multi unit abutment.
In the digital age it is possible to predict in the software of guided surgery position, degree of inclination and even height of the translucent path of the multi unit abutment.
During the webinar we will analyze the issues related to the use of Noris Ezgoma® & EZguide™ in complex cases with traditional implants, zygomatic and pterygoid implants.

Webinar Objectives
  • Address complex rehabilitations of both the maxillary and mandibular regions.
  • Understand the use of Multi-Unit Abutments – Essential for inclined implants to ensure proper support and alignment.
  • Understand the use of Vari Connect to streamline the connection process of multi-unit abutments.
  • Learn Digital Age Advancements – Predictive capabilities of guided surgery software for enhanced planning.
  • Gain ability to determine implant positions, degrees of inclination, and abutment paths.
  • Precision – Accurate calculation of the height of the translucent path for multi-unit abutments.
  • Learn more about Guided Surgery: with Ezgoma® – Guided Surgery for Zygomatic & Pterygoid Implants & EZguide™ – A Surgical Guide for Traditional and
  • Pterygoid Implants Digital Guided Workflow.- Issues and solutions related to the use of guided surgery software in complex cases.
  • Learn how to utilize guided surgery for accurate placement of Traditional, Zygomatic & Pterygoid Implants.

Duration: 1 hour

  • CE Credits Provided: 1
  • What do you get after completing the course​: Official Noris Medical Certificate / Professional materials
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