Immediate replacement of fractured lateral incisor with Noris Tuff

clinical case
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Performed by Dr. Michael Katzap
An emergency patient today. The plan was PET ( partial extraction therapy) implant and immediate temp.  A pilot drill was inserted into the osteotomy for Verification X-ray. The patient reported he felt the sensor move so a bit harder to catch it thus fracturing the pilot in the palatal aspect of the socket.   Change of plans: retrieve the drill segment and try to still place an implant.
  • I only flapped the palate for better visualization
  • Careful use or piezo around the pilot hole ( the bur was inside it several mm). Piezo allows conserving bone and where it is used it helps control bleeding as well thus permits better visualization.
  • Drill segment removed and Noris Tuff 4.2x10mm placed. The thread design of the Tuff permitted solid placement into a socket that was not prepared in the traditional sense. The implant was driven into the osteotomy that was created by the piezo. Augma’s Bond Apatite bone graft cement was added.
  • No immediate load so it’s a mask on for NYE.

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