Guided surgery along with two sinus augmentations.

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Surgery performed by Dr. Yaniv Mayer, Periodontist
A 65-year-old male patient, a non-smoker, presented with a significant loss of maxillary incisors and molars due to periodontal disease, and was previously utilizing a removable prosthesis.
After an initial phase of preparation and stabilization of his periodontal condition, we proceeded with the installation of implants using a surgical guide.

The treatment plan involved placing two Onyx implants in the region of the maxillary incisors and four additional implants in the positions of the first and second molars, along with two lateral sinus augmentations.
A resorbable membrane and xynograft were inserted into the sinus, and a collagen membrane was placed over the lateral window.
The surgical stent fit perfectly and provided exceptional stability, allowing for precise soft tissue management without interference.
All implants were inserted through the sleeves of the stent, achieving an initial stability of more than 40 Ncm. Due to the design of the drills, we could harvest autogenic bone particles during the osteotome preparation before placing the implants. The surgical flaps were sutured with nylon 5/0 and were removed after 2 weeks.

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