Guided Pterygoid Implants using the EZgoma® Technology

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Surgery by Dr. Jameel Biadsy

Guided Pterygoid Implants using the EZgoma® Technology

Surgery by Dr. Jameel Biadsy

The EZgoma® technology enables quick accurate and predictable Zygomatic / Pterygoid implant positioning thus providing solutions for the most extreme cases.

  • Pterygoid implant insertion is an alternative to sinus-lifting or other grafting procedures to treat the posterior maxilla.
  • The placement of a pterygoid implant free-hand requires surgical experience.
  • Pterygoid implants have high success rates, similar bone loss levels to those of conventional implants, minimal complications, and good patient acceptance.

In the edentulous upper jaw, the placement of implants can be challenging due to limited bone quantity and the presence of the maxillary sinus. Pterygoid implants present an alternative option to use residual bone for implant anchorage and to overcome the need for augmentation procedures. To avoid distal cantilevers, the insertion of a pterygoid implant can be indicated in partial and total edentulism.


Case study

  • Male 65, smoker without other health problems.
  • Upper jaw edentulous
  • Lower jaw teeth with periodontitis and partial prothesis
  • The plan for the maxilla was to insert two pterygoids (PteryFit) implants with other regular (Tuff) implants.
  • In the mandible, 9 One-piece implants (Mono and Mono bendable), were inserted.




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