clinical case
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Performed by Dr. Michael Katzap
Cracked maxillary right second premolar. The patient was on antibiotics three days before the presentation. Removed in segments. Osteotomy prepared. Augma bond apatite cement placed into the socket and Noris Medical Tuff 4.2×10 placed. The taper and aggressive variable thread design of the Tuff implant allow for apical and lateral mechanical retention in the bone leading to initial stability. Healing abutments are 2mm above the marginal gingiva to help with soft tissue support. Three units provisional bridge immediately placed.

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clinical case
Surgery performed by Dr. Yaniv Mayer, Periodontist
The treatment plan involved placing two Onyx implants in the region of the maxillary incisors and four additional implants in the positions of the first and second molars, along with...

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