Case Report: Utilization of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate as Socket Preservation Grafting as a Prelude to Implant Placement

clinical case
By Michael Katzap, DDS & Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS
Case report where Noris Tuff implants were chosen, due to their thread design and grade 23 titanium alloy composition, to be used in regenerated bone sites to support a fixed restoration of the posterior maxilla. The case has been in ongoing function for 5 years

Extraction of the natural tooth may be a prelude to implant placement. This may be done using an immediate placement protocol or require a delayed approach depending on multiple factors that include residual infection related to the failed tooth being extracted,
availability of bone to stabilize the implant at placement or soft tissue issues. Socket preservation is recommended when the delayed approach is selected to create an osseous bed with adequate height and width that can accommodate the implant that is planned.

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