Full Arch Maxilla Restoration using Zygomatic Implants


83 yo, ASA I. Patient request: fixed rehabilitation full mouth. Tatally-Edentulous since 45 ys.   INTRAOR...

Combined case zygomas pterygoids and corticals

Extreme case. 2,pterygoids and 2 Quad zygomas 2015 . 75 year’s old patient. Healthy . Temporary was given at the same ...

Noris Medical Quadzygoma protocol for the atrophic maxilla rehabilitation in a patient ZAGA 3 Classification.

This patient is a 60-year-old female with no contributory past medical history. She wants to have fixed teeth in the max...

Quad zygomas and pterygoids

Extreme case . 70 years old male. 2 zygomas 2 pterygoids and corticals. Temporization at the same day . Final Pam in 4 m...

Full Arch Reconstruction using Pterygoids Implants and Bilateral Sinus Elevation

EZgoma® – EZguide™ | A Guided Surgery Procedure | Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rescue Restoration with Noris Medical PteryFit and Tuff Implants

Maxillary resection for cancer, zygomatic implants insertion, and palatal repair as single-stage procedure: report of three cases

Case presentations We report three patients who underwent alveolo-maxillary resection for cancer and had the resultin...

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